Thursday, September 27, 2012

Joint Statement MAPIM and SHURA on Rohingya


The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Societies (MAPIM) and the Secretariate for The Ulama Assembly of Asia (SHURA) deplores and regrets the monks in Myanmar  declaring their support to  President Thein Sien's policy of driving out all the remaining Rohingya out of Myanmar.

This is a clear contradiction to the teachings of Budhism that gives high regards to compassion towards fellow human beings as propounded by Gautama Buddha. The brutality inflicted on the Rohingya by the Rakhine Buddhist extremist backed by the authorities is a clear violation of all the teachings of Siddharta the Buddha.

We are surprise by the indifference shown by the monks in Myanmar who should reflect their spirit of compassion , love for the oppressed and speaking out against all forms of injustice towards life.

MAPIM and SHURA see this as a clear indication of the deep sitted hatred and politically motivated arrogance  that have been the major motivation amongst Buddhist Myanmaries to be intolerant against the  presence of the Rohingyas Muslims in Myanmar.

This is a stark contradiction to how all Muslim countries have accepted the presence of Buddhism and their followers to co-exist with the Muslim community and protecting their civil and religious rights . No Muslim nations have seen any prosecution done onto any Buddhist temples or Buddhist people.

On what grounds have the monks in Myanmar established their adamant hatred towards Muslim Rohingyas. Sloganing that the Myanmar motherland must be saved from Rohingya is a call reflective of an in-build sentiment of hatred and to deny the Rohingya Muslims not only on their  citizenship but also on their dignity as sons and daughters of an Arakan.

We regret that such pronouncement of hatred and consenting to brutality on fellow human beings have polluted the minds of the Buddhist monks in Myanmar disregarding the basic peace loving tenants and principles of Buddhism.

We urge the Buddhist leadership of Myanmar not to be trapped by the political interest of the military junta who are ever ready to exploit the conflict into a religious clash between Muslims and Buddhists and thereby justify their military hold on power . The decades of suppression on the Rohingya Muslims are essentially a political hegemony by the military elites to continue their dictatorship on Myanmar.

We call on all peace and justice loving people of faith worldwide to urge the Myanmar government to restore the legitimate rights of the Rohingya as citizens of Myanmar and to appeal to all Buddhist followers of the world to resent the unjust and inhuman treatment against the Rohingya.

We abhore and register our strong protest against the Myanmar government for colluding with the Rakhine Buddhist extremist in their decades of persecution on the Rohingya Muslims.

Less the Myanmar government is ready to face a long sectarian conflict and thereby pay a high price of continous instability , trading off a most needed socio-economic developemnt for its own people , the harsh treatment towards the Rohingya and other minorities will not augur well for the long interest of Myanmar.

We therefore call all religious leaders of Myanmar to prevail upon the Myanmar government to adopt a policy of humane compassion towards its people and to protect the rights of all minorities in the country.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Secretary General MAPIM

Abdul Ghani Samsudin

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